There are somethings you get so used to in visual studio that they become second nature, they are part of your programming experience.  Take for example the tooltips when typing a method or function, you know the one, it shows all the parameters and their types.

Now imagine that you don’t have that any more.  You just have some crappy “pattern” button where you can type in the method name and it inserts the method signature complete with blanks for you to fill in.

Then you still have to dip into the method code or help (if there is any such help) to figure out what types the parameters you are using are.

Undoubtedly SAP platform is very powerful and has a language built for helping customize and take advantage of your platform.  But the tools, the tools your given and the documentation really, really, suck. 

I one day hope that the MS/SAP interoperaility project goes so far as to have a ABAP plugin for visual studio, complete with MSDN style documentation. 

I can dream.

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