It arrived.

 My Samsung 37″ R88.

So I set it up and plugged in Sky and the Xbox and the DVD player (no HD or PC yet).

From the moment I turned it on my wife was ooooh  and arrr thats fantastic. It’s so clear and crisp (this was just SD).  It’s a bit blurry I thought, this isn’t anywhere near as good as I hoped.

So I thought I’d better try some HD content.  Step in “Pirates 2” clip on downloaded on the xbox 360. 

“Oh my god, that’s utterly amazing, we need a HD-DVD player now”  says the wife (I love having a geeky wife).

“It still looks a bit blurry to me the edges on the text are not well defined”. I say.

Put your bloody glasses on then you dick” says the wife (never was subtle).


It’s as amazing as she said.  Its better than I could have expected.  I have been watching an old Toshiba 40″ rear projector.  Blacks and greys all run into each other, in fact unless your watching at night there is no such thing as a black on this old TV.  You could not watch this TV in bright sunlight without drawing the curtains.

The Samsung R88 with its 8000:1 dynamic contrast ratio really does have black. It has more settings than I know what to do with. 

I don’t have the technical no how to do a review of this all I can say is I’m really chuffed, its better than I could imagine.  So long as I wear my glasses.

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