tv After having the TV a while I wanted to get certain things working, as I have SKY+ I wanted to turn it on and off and do the volume at least.

None of the 3 digit codes for the SKY remote worked so I phoned and came up with the 4 digit manufacture code which worked.  Its 0646.

I wanted my Samsung remote to control other devices.  Like the Sky+ box.  I can’t get that working and Samsung’s UK support like suck like a dyson plugged into a 110 supply and told me this was Sky’s problem.  Sky were incredulous that it was their problem that Samsung’s remote did not have the code for a sky box, sky said we provide control for devices with our remote and that’s our business.  Samsung put responsibility for the Sky remote and the Samsung remote in the hands of sky.  If anyone does know the code for control of a Sky+ machine with a Sammy remote let me know.

However I also have a really cheap Asda DVD player, my lovely Panny broke, but it was old.  This is a Pacific dvd player and its code on the Samsung remote control is 055, and yes I guessed it, well I started at 030 and went up from there.

Before anyone says it, I know the best solution for the Samsung->Sky remote problem is to Ditch Sky, I’m working on it, slowly.

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