This last week(s) saw the release of silverlight, in case you’ve been

in a coma or live in SAP land.  I had been experimenting with WPF/E its original name and with the 1.0 beta.  Buth this week they added a whole new dimension they added the .NET framework as a control language, but the great thing is it works on a MAC!!!

This new version is only 4mb download and allows the user to run video and xaml and .net languages on PC or Mac in IE/Firefox/Safari and soon opera  without having to have the full .NET framework or windows media player installed.

This is fantastic, now I’m impressed.  I was concerned with the Javascript option and having to worry about writing cross browser compliant Javascript and all that hassle, but now I can take control of a silverlight application with C#.  The only problem is having the time to experiment with Orcas at home with two kids screaming. You are gonna need orcas to do silverlight, not a requirement but to do stuff well you will need it.

This is what the browser has been crying out for that rich environment that the client offers.

Now how do I plug it into SAP ?


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