Announced in the register I saw this Blockbuster says Game Over on Game Station UK

In my home town there are now two game shops “Game” and “Game Station” despite the odd little shop opening and quickly closing there is no competition out there for either of these two and now it looks like “all your base are belong to Game“.

I will miss my Gamestation as it is they who I bought my Xbox360 from as Game were so inflexible on the packaged games, “no I don’t want a package of Call of Duty and some other death game I have a five year old”, Gamestation happily let me have a fighting and a pretty game.  My Gamestation have a better deal on the Wii, they have a livelier trade in secondhand games.  The staff, whilst some quite cute, do suck. Customer service never enters their head. You have to hunt them down and stake them to the floor to ask them anything.

But more importantly they have a £20 deposit of mine, I best not lose it. 😉


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