I found this quote here and thought it so true.

Given this awesome power it is possible to create some really beautiful and functional user interfaces. It is also possible that if you nest a Button within a Button you may rip a whole in the space time continuum. So be careful. WPF and many of the tools that generate Xaml are to be used by designers, Designers are professionals who have been trained in good taste and judgement, subjects that are typically left out of the computer science curriculum. As you can see from my Xaml snippets, I am trained in computer science and should therefore not be allowed anywhere near the user interface”.

Yeh me too, but you can’t write a WPF app without putting some xaml in there.

However saying that do you like my xaml windows button, find the right tutorials and you too can start to knock up a library of xaml snippets.  In fact thats what this technology needs a web site devoted to xaml snippets, any takers ?



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