There is a petition on the net that Ms Hilton has started petitioning the governor to prevent her incarceration following a DUI (drink-driving) offence.  Whilst I can understand anyone wanting to get off a custodial sentence, lets face it who wouldn’t that’s what lawyers are for after all.  Perhaps this is pushing it a bit.

This is probably one of a few petitions that will appear asking the governor to throw her in jail

This did appeal to me, but am I signing it ? No.  Having witnessed the behaviour of some famous personalities there is one word that springs to mind. 


If it was you ? what could you do with immense wealth and a large dose of anger behind you ? Hopefully accept your punishment and say far cop guv.

Signing this, I might never get to stay at a Hilton again, although since going permie I might never afford to stay at one again. 

So in the interests of fairness and perhaps a discount card ;-),  here’s the other link (for USA peeps only this one)