Bit sad today.  I got back from taking my cat to the vet, his mouth is inflamed. The vet said he’s got considerable gum disease.  Whilst there she checked him over and his heart rate is fast which is indicitive of a thyroid problem in older cats so bloods were taken also.

So at this point in time, things are not too bad, estimated 300 quids worth of vets bills for teeth scale and polish and extractions.  But depending on the results it could be worse and of course there is still the dreaded general anaesthetic.

I’m going to take my other cat in for a checkup as well now so hopefully she doesn’t get to the state he is in.

Thing is all of this could have been stopped two years ago.  Two years ago the (different) vet said oh they got gingivitis and left it at that.  Today’s vet said that a lot of the older vets do exactly that, today they do not.  They realise that the cats could be in pain and the gingivitis leads to this gum disease stuff that Kryten has today.

So take this as a warning if your vet has said oh its just gingervitis, go find another vet, a young one, get their teeth scaled and polished.  It could save you going through some worse treatment later one.

Another thing.  If your cats are young think about pet insurance.  Mine have never been sick so I never got it now its too late to get it,  but I have 15 years of vets bills saved up so I don’t care what it costs I owe them.


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