So here I sit in work, feeling sick as a dog.  I woke up sick with a stinking headache and then it got worse as I took the cats to the vets.  Both are having their teeth done, not just kryten although he’s the worst.  So I signed the form that reminds me that a general anaesthetic for animals over 8 years old is a risky affair so 15 is quite a bit older,  I sit and wait. 

IBS and stress don’t go so I sit drinking coffee and popping immodium and trying to figure out the right function call to remove a sap users email address.  Stupid language or rather half soaked sap developers who can’t maintain commonality between their own function calls, and I used to think sharepoint developers were bad.

I’m just hoping I don’t get a phone call and I have to ring them at 1.00pm, no phone calls are good in this case.


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