As I have been toying with Silverlight webparts I thought it about time that I created a base template that would respect multiple instances of a webpart on the same page using Silverlight.  Also multiple Silverlight parts on that page.

Well I have done that now.  It’s not bad, it’s not brilliant, in fact its not much at all, but its a good start.

This template is for Sharepoint 2003 and written for Studio 2003.  It would not take much to convert it to 2007 I’m sure, but I don’t have 2007 currently.  It targets the Beta not the Alpha.

Its a really simple part, it just displays a control of a fixed size (determined in the webpart (could be made to utilize webpart settings easily)).  I took the time to put in the fullscreen resize as used in the video library example.

To achieve this I have taken the MS generated Sharepoint code and modified it.  I left the MS copyright notices in etc, but some of these files are modified to work better with Sharepoint.  The Web Template is based on MS’s webpart template.

I point you to the Silverlight Ts&Cs.  These changes to this code are not endorsed by MS.   As for me, if you use this then use it at own risk.  I will not be providing support for this code.  You may ask a question, I may answer.

The Sample 2003 project can be found here .  This was built on an X64 Platform so change the References to suit.  Also use your own SNK file the one in the project is a dummy.

If this is helpful then leave a comment.

Update: ** RC1 SourceCode **

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