My wife and I are sad old goths.  When Jarreth was born (he’s five now) we used to get the usual “Are you going to get him black sleepsuits” and the like.  The resounding answer was “NO!”, “He’s going to be dressed in colours.  He’s going to be guided down the line of being a bloody sheep, one of the crowd”. 

You can’t be an outcast when your one of the crowd.  Something my wife and I know a lot about from when we were kids.

But despite all your good work and hard effort of removing the trappings of gothdom from the house and environment your children are parts of you. Take this conversation I had recently.  I like wildlife, I would not call myself a twitcher but I have a book on birds which me and Jarreth were looking through and it went a bit like this.

Dad: opens book asks “What’s that ?”

Jarreth : “a Peckwooker”.

Dad : “He he close enough”.  “Whats that?”

Jarreth: “An owl”.

Dad: “What’s he say ? “

Jarreth : “Twit-woo”

various other birds later

Dad: “What’s that ?”

Jarreth : “A Crow ?”

Dad : “No it’s a raven, Do you know what it says ?”

Jarreth : “Never More”.