558024263_b52df5d033 For those that know me, you will be aware that we had a little boy born in January.  Logan was a worry from day 1 as he was born six weeks early and shuffled off to a little plastic box.

Since we got him home he’s been constantly medicated, mostly vitamins and will be for the next year, but also ever feed has Gaviscon in it as he has a reflux problem too.  The general medical populous blaming his screaming on colic.  We were lucky I suppose in having access to a pediatrician who just said babies cry for a reason, his is reflux.  Have this, prescription for boxes of Gaviscon.

Now he is six months old and big, very big, above the norm for a child his age, let alone a child that should be only 4.5 months developmental (six weeks early).

Not everyone will have access to my Flickr stream, so here he is, happy, smiley little chap.


If your wondering,  Logan is named after Wolverine, Jarreth is the king of the goblins (Labyrinth).