Jay Kimble has an article on his Silverlight conversion and he manages to explain exactly what I had in mind when I said ‘….does anyone else think that Silverlight is “DHTML applications”…’

My comment was squarely aimed at those developers who suffered through the DHTML Application architecture introduced in VB6 (but you could frig it in VB5).  In this architecture you could, by having an activeX on the page, control and access the DOM.  It didn’t catch on due to compatibility problems with other browsers, but I tell you some times it was just great, when we created an “Ajax” web application back in IE4 having the speed of compiled code on your side to do the calculations and then manipulate the DOM and not have to worry ourselves with error handling Jscript, which just didn’t handle errors at all back then was marvelous.

Silverlight gives you all this again but cross browser and cross platform in a much better development environment than VB5/6.  In fact Jay is so excited by this he states it twice and in big fonts.  So in case you missed it here it is again here,

“Now we’re going to talk to the browser’s DOM directly from Silverlight replacing JavaScript with C#. (And then debug it from Visual Studio!)” .

Long live DHTML Applications (redux).

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