If you are selling your car in the UK then please, please go and visit Parkers.co.uk or buy a copy of the guide.  It will tell you how much your car is actually worth, then add a bit for bargaining perhaps.

What I don’t suggest you do is advertise your car with bugger all service history, chips in the screen, a spare type that doesn’t fit the car,  badly sprayed wings (so indicative of a home spray to cover up rust or your inability to park), lie about having it it recently serviced but the documentation is “at the accountants” (but not stamped in the book),  at £700 over the recommended sale price for your vehicle (£2300).  Then if someone offers you what your car is worth (plus car tax value) get in a huff and stomp about as if you’ve been slapped with a kipper.

Damnable time-wasting  son of a bitch.  I hope your car is written off then you will realise how little its worth you pathetic little man.


Hmmmm it all got a bit personal in the end there didn’t it.


In case your wondering I said on leaving, “Well never mind, thanks for your time” and shook him by the hand and bid him farewell.  When I actually wanted to say all the above and call him a dick.