Being an MS developer, well a sap developer of late (but I keep sneakily writing Sharepoint interfaces to it), I have used MS for a long while (86-90, 95-07+), I toyed with Linux having started my career in unix and had to work with “green screens” for 8 years and having a GUI in Linux just didn’t feel right.  So I been running Vista for a while now. 

Of course being the techie in the family all the family have windows too, many of them now happily working on XP SP2 all virus checked and firewalled up to the eyeballs.  And yes all the extra security on machines designed before SP2 make them run slowly.

Slow machinery is something my brother-in-law can’t stand, he’s worse than me for gadgets and tech and relies on me to advise him of what’s coming up.

Having been to PDC05 I got a Vista Polo shirt, it was great, a good fit, great quality, does exactly what I need it too.  Unlike Vista.  I’m a bit ashamed to wear it now everyone knows what Vista is like.

Getting back to the point.  My brother-in-law being the gadget hungry monster he is asked me about upgrading his PC (again) to vista as he is tired of the “slow” speed of his 3ghz P4.

I told him to buy a MAC.

I can’t believe the words came from my mouth.

I had to say them again, slowly to try and see how something so square came from a round hole,

“Buy …a…. MAC”. 

Yep there they are again. 

“You could try a Mac book”, Eeek another one.

I said the unspeakable again.

“Mac OS is far better than vista, Vista is a pain in the back-side”. 

OMG who stole my brain. 

“The only reason I haven’t switched already is the investment I have and I do a little development now and again”. 

Yeh, this feels good, a little cathartic, what to do about Office and that mouse button thing I’m a little unsure of still, but yeah MAC…..


I won’t be getting one myself too much Vis studio and silverlight to do, hang on silverlight runs on a Mac…..No, no I can’t can I ?

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