Well after a long time waiting for insurance companies to cough up an sinsible amount, which they didnt. Trying to find a sensibly priced private sale and trying even harder to find a seller with half a brain.  The last one I turned up at his house to see a lovely car, but he had packed his other car and was moving up north that very night, so I had to have cash there and then, no time for a HPI check or anything like that.  I don’t think so. 

I gave up and went to a dealer.  We now have a nice 04 fiesta zetec.  Yeh yeh I know some of you might be saying nice and ford don’t go together, but cheap repairs and lower chance of insurance write off do go together.  Beside I like them, the wife loves it.

I even felt like I got a deal, not very often I feel like that at a main dealers, normally I count my fingers on the way out, but since they sold nothing for two months due to the weather they are falling over themselves to clear everything, my neighbour got 3k off the list price of a new mondeo and the price he wanted as trade in, it took him two weeks negotiating to do it but he got it and well if your looking consider a main dealer for a change and deal hard.