Been away for a bit having a kitchen fitted. It wasn’t cheap. It was supposed to be the dream kitchen we had been saving for five years. Builder came and f##ked it all up. We have to sue him. The whole experience has really upset the family and knocked me sideways doc signed me on the sick for a while but I had to come back to work to keep busy.We have a kitchen we can’t use except we are using sink and f/freezer and have everything else set up in dining room on table and camping table. No oven and no washing machine and no cupboards just boxes to store dry food in. We can’t stock up with veg as there is no space to put it. All with a six month old baby and five year old boy starting back to school.Its a lot like being burgled except you know its your fault for inviting them in.I’m walking round like a zombie all confidence seems to have gone and its going to take a while to get straight mentally and physically.Due to amounts involved I can’t involve solicitors and have to take on the job of sueing him myself. House insurance has legal protection but spent all their time dodging the claim. Trading standards visited and agreed its shocking and we have a case but they can’t/won’t/don’t take on the task of sueing anyone, bit of a waste of space in some respects but do serve as independent witness of what I claim is wrong before I rip it all out and geta competant joiner in to fix it.The road out of this mess is going to be long and hard but there is a way out. In the end the feelings of violation fade and the legal stuff will pan out and either I get compensation or bastard gets paid for f#cking up my house I am in a job that does pay reasonably and there is always the mortgage to top up again so its only a kitchen I’m not dying or anything (unless lady luck is gonna screw me there too) so at some point normal service will be resumed. So it might be quiet for a bit I might blog about some of the walks I have been doing as I have to do something to get out of house and clear head.Can’t tell you builders name for obvious reasons.