I recently installed microsoft family safety on my home machine. it was a complete pig to install. I have four users setup at home. me my wife and my son and a guest. the usual next next next installation waas fine but then the trouble started. all users of the system need a live account. I had to configure a live account for everyone I have not done the guest account yet. then I had to log in as each user and configure the settings for each user.

now consider me daft but the point of a system like this is so an admin can configure the system for the family. this initial setup is a pig nothing better can be said of it.

once up and running a user logs on windows and the system can be configured to auo logon to family safety handy fconfig for a five year old. but you also need to configure it to NOT timeout and log off. for young users this should be hidden from them.

once on it works fine the ability to control sites and contact lists for messenger works very well. the ability to view internet usage online is good too.

were else it falls down is the ability to add guests and restrict it to moderate usage.

users of family safety are either parents or children.

for a first stab its not bad but that install has got to get better. its got to stop trying to log in when it already is logged in or trying to. its got to hide itself from childdren. not in a secret spying manner but just the complexities of config.

hope it gets better soon.