It’s not often that something grabs me on the internet nowadays, obviously Silverlight did and the amazing capabilities for design and interface it offers whilst having a programming model that I am familiar with.  Bog standard html/css well I’ve seen it all haven’t I ?  You can’t do anything else to surprise me, can you ?

Well actually you can.  Perhaps its been around for ages, perhaps it’s a new tilt on something that’s very common and I’ve had my head so deep in RSS to notice.

MS just released the MIX ’08 site.  I’d love to go but I’m from the UK so will have to wait for some poor cousin affair in London, with none of the same speakers and some blueberry muffins scattered about to placate us.  Hardly the Vegas equivalent.  Perhaps they could do it in Blackpool in a new super-casino, if they ever get built.  But I digress, again.

There is something about this site just so simple and so elegant, and it occurs in the top two inches of the page, the rest of the page is the usual stuff but I had not seen such an elegant header before that allows the content underneath to scroll under it, but its a window scroll not a Div scroll that threw me.

It took a little digging in the css but I discovered an attribute I had not seen before 


Absolute and Relative sure, but when did fixed appear ?  Has it been there a while and I just missed it and been server coding so long.

Well combined with a transparent png it is used to great effect.

Shame that the Silverlight panel is not set as a windowless control so gets its own window and doesn’t slide under the header.


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