In a wonderful piece of incite Ofcom have announced they have no vision.

“We need significant evidence that such a network is required and I don’t think it exists yet”

Really ?

The reason you cannot see why a network is required is that currently any business model that requires a high speed network is constrained by our existing infrastructure.  Are you just blinded by the sheer cost of putting in fibre? Yes it’s expensive but, the network is as important an infrastructure as our roads and rail.  It needs a strong kick to send it where the country needs, and Ofcom, as usual, are fumbling with the ball.

But if you really need a reason, 

“First company to offer me fast broadband at the right price get’s my business.”

So, Oi Virgin, take the hint, if BT won’t cable, get your ar*e in gear and lay some more wires damn you, I’ll switch in a heartbeat.

And someone kick the dullards at Ofcom.