Now the tours over and it’s nearing the P.G.P. (primary gifting period).  I though I’d mention that I was lucky enough to be bought tickets to see Bill Bailey (of buzzcocks, black books, etc, fame) for my birthday. 

It was a really good show and well worth the, quite pricey, tickets paid to see him.  But after the show it was quite evident why the ticket price was high for, what I would call a “just below headliner comedian”, no offence, pot/kettle.  The reason must be to pay for the law suits he’s likely to get from, not mentioning any names, a large supermarket chain, (taps backside, chink chink) and auto-rescue company not to mention Swiss bank. 

I’m sure that taking the logo of said rescue company and super imposing the fiery flames of hell constitutes some kind of trademark infringement, albeit a very funny one.

You can’t see the live show now, but the visual set-up was something to be believed, five large screens placed next to each other, polyptych style, reminiscent of Bosch’s Garden of Earthly delights, certainly the hell component appeared later in the show.  This screen arrangement formed a large cinema style aspect that projected Bill and other video elements for the show on the screen and it was used to excellent effect.

The best part of it and what makes Bill a unique comedian is the songs. He has a knack of composing some of the funniest piss-take songs about goths.  The “snowflake on the eye of a deer” song had me rolling in hysterics first time I heard it and I was lucky enough to hear it again live and now the “Emo” song about a self-harming young lad who works in a coffee shop again, excellent. 

I will agree with some others that whilst enjoyable it didn’t have the energy of earlier shows (admittedly I had only seen on TV) but being there made up for a lot.

The worst part of the experience was, and this was nothing to do with Bill, was the dreadful acoustics of the NIA.  The echo of Bill’s voice bounced off the rear wall almost  half a second later so being sat in the middle I copped for equal amounts of live and echo.  It’s because of this I would desperately try to avoid the NIA for anything like this again.  If I have to travel a bit then so be it. 

Still I will probably buy the DVD and I would recommend it to anyone else, when it comes out.  You will be humming the shop song every time you visit I guarantee it.

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