Over the past years its really bugged me the effect of light pollution when small I could see loads of stars, now I see very few.  Last night I went to my friends to look at the remnants of Comet 17P Holmes through the scope.  We were a little late to the party, a large cloud of barely visible dust.

I was looking at the stars trying to find perseus, steve pointing out various things.

“Look over there at that group pleides”.

“What that blurry group of stuff over there”.


“Hang on, this might help a bit”, puts glasses on.

“Oh my god, its full of stars!!!!”.

I hate wearing my glasses, I’m short-sighted, not a lot, but enough that I need them to drive, just about, some days I pass the test others I don’t. 

Stars being on essentially an infinity focus, I never really thought I needed glasses it’s not like I can see them any better is it ?

Wrong. Again.

All of a sudden Orion consists of more than seven stars, I can see the sword and the other bits clearly.  Pleides now looks like a collection of small stars in the shape of a shopping cart icon, all I saw was, well nowt really.

Many a time I would try and point things out to J and he would get confused, now I know why, he was seeing five times as many stars in the sky as I was.


Going to get new glasses.

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