Well as you may have read the xbox is dead again, like Shelley Long reappearing 3 times but without a pretty face just 3 red lights.  However there is good amongst the bad. 

Like the Wii.

The Wii is just great, for Xmas my boy got Super Mario Galaxy and I bought the Wife Guitar Hero III.  Both of these proving terrific fun.

SMG, is a joy to play, one of the first real games I have (I mean J has) for the Wii, not just a jump in party game which the Wii is so good at, but a proper story driven platformer, in 3d.  The colours are great the tunes are great its so easy to control. The wiimote is not abused but used intelligently and sparingly, something many developers for the Wii need to learn (Whilst I don’t own these games I have tried them, which is why I don’t own them !).

I bought Guitar Hero for S.  Our Childminder has it and she’s been driving me mad about it.  I bought it and had to put her off from getting it for herself before Christmas.  Having no xbox I got to play this instead, whilst she was out of the room!  After a couple of tries I managed to get to grips with it really quickly and stormed through all the songs on the easy level.

Unfortunately, S, is terrible at it.  Whether its because she is a real musician (keyboards/vocals) not lately but in her younger days was member of a band who got signed, but then it all fell apart due to internal struggles (putting it mildly).  Or perhaps its because of the impaired hearing she suffers from now, that she is absolutely rubbish.  Or maybe its because GH is nothing like playing an instrument and is more like a video game ?

Still for those who can play it, its great.

However now I try to play on the next level up I’m struggling for the exact same reasons I stopped learning the guitar and switched to keyboards, movement on my little finger is painful, the knuckle “jumps” making it impossible to play anything that requires its use.  So to me it’s not that different after all.

Perhaps I shall wait for “Keyboard Hero” – What do you mean there aren’t any !   


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