Well what a Christmas, I actually got some good presents this year and one of them was Halo 3, I held off buying it just in case I got it for xmas.

All ready to go and kids cleared away I turn on my 360 on Dec 26th ready to become master chief for a longer than cursory glance as I did on the 25th.

Guess what ?

3 lights of death.



This is the 3rd Xbox 360 to die on me.  THE THIRD !!!!!

I know I will have to suffer the stinkin xbox support line to get it replaced, I was told last time it’s now guaranteed till 2009 as its a recon.  But I don’t want a Recon, ready to blow up again, tell me otherwise and I’ll stick 3 broken xboxes down your throat.  I want a new working, guaranteed not to break down ever again spangly new one.  But just try dealing or telling the support people that,  its “do you want it repaired or not, that’s the choice”, in a tone that is generally take it or bugger off.


So anyone thinking of buying a 360 ?


Xbox Live is cool, the price is right, the games are plentiful.  But how many Christmases do you need ruining by Microsoft and it’s piss poor build and poor component design, two is enough for me, that’s right the last ones died Xmas Day.  I suppose I was lucky for it to last till boxing day.

Get a PS3 or a Wii, at least you can be sure it will last longer than 1 year each.  Unless of course you want to buy my second hand one when it’s replaced with games.


XBOX 360 YOU SUCK, and your little support line too.


** Update :

Before anyone asks, my xbox has lots of space around it, lots and lots of it !!!

I already know one other person who is on his 4th Xbox and I just met another who is on his fifth !!!