So it looks like things are really starting to swing towards blu-ray in the war of the HD formats on disc.

In this announcement (taken from the register) Warner Studios have decided to drop HD-DVD from the supported formats and plumb for blu-ray only.

It’s a real shame that this format war is being fought with content providers instead of what is the best technology for the consumer, I’m not advocating either technology here, just that with studios now dropping HD-DVD and blockbuster only carrying blu-ray, for some of us the only movie rental store available nowadays, that the technology of choice is obviously blu-ray and is being made for us.

Saying this I’m still not ready to put my hand in my pocket and buy a HD player, only when one of the formats stamps the other into the muddy ground will I do it.  I have been burnt by a format war before, I went with the +RW option, spent quite a lot on a burner to find that -RW media was cheaper (at the time) by a lot and then dual format players were released at a fraction of the cost some months later. 

I have a love hate relationship with sony for many reasons, I got burnt in some way or another on my cd burner, Mini DV cam, Laptop, mp3 player in fact the only sony device that truly worked for me from the time I bought it was my PS2 and I sold that to get an xbox (v1) (doh!).  Not to forget the PSP, it works perfectly, except it’s too precious to take anywhere I’m scared of damaging it.

I’d like blu-ray to win, it give me an excuse to buy a PS3 !


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