Last night I was tired and wanted to watch T.V. but nowt was on. Undeterred and rather than do something constructive I plundered the depths of Sky.

I found “Conspiracy Theory – Did we land on the moon”.  Now normally I don’t go in for nonsense like this, I like evidence based Science programs.  The evidence came from the conspiracy side and the nasa guy was just stating that it was bad science but not explaining why ?

This was down to the nature of the program, much of what was said in this program is refuted. A good source, one I think is trustworthy is here.

But can someone explain why a telescope can get great photo’s of distant galaxies but not see the surface of the moon in detail ?  Not understanding telescope optics would love to hear a scientific reason as to why.  Would be good to just point it at an abandoned lander and go, see there it is.

Edit – And here it is, even hubble is not powerful enough only showing things of 20-30 metres big.


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