So those in the UK did you watch HFW program last night on Channel 4 ?

Its part of the channels Big Food Fight season, which is not what it sounds or pitched as in the paper ads or early transmissions.  The season is about teaching people where there food comes from and some cooking with Gordon.

Hugh’s Chicken run details just why a chicken can be sold at £5 a pair, once a meat that was expensive and could only be afforded as a once a week treat (in recent times) is now cheaper than a pint of beer.  When you consider that this is a living breathing animal that requires care and feeding its amazing that it can be produced for this amount, considering that the price to farmer can be as low as 3p a bird (source  Well actually it’s not amazing at all it’s despicable.

Long have I been aware of just how chickens are kept and for as long as I can remember I have bought free-range chicken and eggs.  I have never really felt comfortable with that either.  I am well aware that free-range on a large scale is slightly better than intensive.

Reading the C4 site on Logos details the amount of chickens per sq metre and even the Soil association chicken is at 10 per sq m.  That’s still a lot of chickens, but I can only assume that it refers to the space in the shed (max 1000 birds per shed) and more space is available.

So UK people if you’ve not seen the program, watch out for the next installment its where things really start to heat up.  We’ve already witnessed a small intro of “culling” the small and failing birds on the program.  Seeing a little fluffy easter chick having its neck broken because it may not reach optimum performance.  Nice Industry.  I bet it happens in free range and organic too.

So watch this series and Jamie’s program on friday night (11/Jan/08) C4 (9.00pm I think) and start to learn the reality of where your food comes from.

If you then care about putting a stop to full-on intensive farming them sign up by clicking the campaign logo below.

For readers in other countries (and UK) I’m sure there are ways for you to find out about where your meat comes from, ask questions in the butchers, if they don’t know then go somewhere that does.  Take some interest in what you are putting in your body.  Do you really want to stuff factory produced meat pumped with biotics into yourself making those bacteria in your lungs immune to a dose of penicillin ?

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