Apparently Ubuntu – Just Works.

Well I thought I’d find out.  I have an Old Laptop its a Sony Vaio PCG-F403, basically it is 450Mhz and has 192mb of memory.  Its old and slow. 

So I start with the ISO, downloaded it eventually from a mirror and burned away.

Here goes.  It opened with a pretty Ubuntu logo did some linuxy things, more linux things, then a sample from the Lion King before opening into, Linux. 

That was a surprise, no horrible stand-alone installer, straight into Ubuntu Linux and you can use it there and then.  This looked promising.  So I started the Installer, an icon on the desktop saying Install with an icon of a drive and an arrow going into it, fairly self explanatory.

The installer starts and I pick my country etc then get to the Partitioning, the bit that always went wrong before, the bit I end up having to go into dos, delete partitions, then back in use something called disk druid to manually partition things.  Only this time no disk druid, just three radio buttons.  Guided – resize, Guided – whole disk and manual.  So I selected Guided whole disk.  Enter some login details and away it goes.

Or rather it doesn’t.

I had tried to install Suse before, it had decided that the 5gb drive was all swap space and took that leaving nothing for anything else.  Now Ubuntu decided to use that swap space and could not install as it was using it.  Well it all fell in a heap.

Unlike Suse I had the power of linux behind me so could halt the installer and manually edit the partitions with GParted a partition editor.  So I deleted everything and created a small swap partition.  Having done all this I started the installation again.  Again I let it do Whole disk, hoping that this time it could delete partitions correctly and cope.  Its taking some time.  Its crashed.

Ideally I would just nuke the drive, but then because the memory is low it needs to swap to do the install.

Time to try again, my partitions are still intact so its a manual partition installation this time.

Crashed.  Again.

So thus far, Ubuntu “doesnt just work”.  Well not on my system.  Perhaps I need the Xubuntu version instead for teeeny tiny systems. 

Shame it was looking really good and the bits I came across were really good, if you ignore all the crashing.

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