Well I’ve tried to avoid them as long as possible. But I have finally come round to using regex’s.

Considering that I came from a Unix background to Windows world you’d think that it would be second nature to me, but no. If ever there was a “sed” script that needed writing, I’d do it in awk, giving me power and less reliance on the old regex element of things.

I can’t avoid it any longer.  I would dabble now and again, I had Chris Sell’s Regex tool installed to help out now and again, and of course Stuart to ask and say “Hey how do I do this in this damn regex nonsense again ?”. 

But now there is truly a tool that is helpful.  Expresso, from ultrapico,  is just great at creating regexes.  Now there are many good tools out there but they have to fit the brain of the user and this one fits mine.  It was down to this tool I finally got it, it introduced names groups and replacement section or whatever they are called enabling me to do complex search and replaces that I wanted but couldn’t figure out.

So if your still a ludite after all this time then take a look at this tool, complete with a great help file which is actually the test data  as well.  Brilliant, just brilliant.


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