It would appear that I am suffering from a similar problem that many others have encountered.  Some more digging and exact wording in google has found my particular problem.

The documentation is lying.

Xubuntu requires a 192mb to install.  I have 192mb.  It’s just that some of it is running linux.  Its because of this I get the system install hanging at 15%.

Apparently the installer for [X]Ubuntu, ubiquity, disables the swap files to install, a sensible precaution if you are about to rebuild the whole disk, however in my situation in a manual partitioning case, the swap could have been left alone, in fact some clever so and so edited the perl scripts to stop it disabling a swap he created on a USB key, I could not find those scripts as they had been relocated in the new version else I’d have give it a go.

Unfortunately the text-installation is not included in the primary ISO’s and the alternate CD is required.  This is good news for me and other with even less ram as the Alternate CD only requires 64mb to install.  Just what it will install I am curious about.  I’m hoping that a text only version of linux is not on the cards, that’s so 1988*.


*Xwindows may have been about in 1988 but not in the commercial sector of the SME’s it was VT220’s as far as the eye could see, with some really bad terminfo and termcap entries, I had to rewrite them for our installations.

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