Its time I dipped my feet into learning Powershell, I know its going to figure a lot more in my new role, well my old role I’m going back to.

So fire up Powershell and here we go,

ll – that works

cat – that work

mv/cp – that works too

grep – Hmm no

sed – nope

awk – nope

Ok, Ok its not UNIX, might need some help here.  Lots of examples lets paste them in and see what happens.  First I need an editor

vi – damn done it again

Really don’t fancy editing in a separate window.

I did find a pretty little Powershell tool though “PowerGui“.  The main tool I find pretty pointless, when you have gone to the lengths of creating a script language why stick the output in a GUI again, It’s not my cup of tea but others might like it.  What I do like is the Script editor that comes with it. 

Now this is a good tool.  Its a script editor, you can just cut and paste your examples for leaning then press play (or step, built in debugger!)  and the output appears in a little output window.  Much more Vis Studio and more of what I’ve been used to.

So in the absence of vi, here is something much better, lovely, this should help quicken the pace.







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