Well yesterday I got the xbox back.  Two weeks and one day since they received the parcel, total turnaround from leaving my hands was 18 days.  Under the 3 weeks but only just.  Internal processing took two weeks examining the UPS info, there must be a lot of repairs going on.

In my comments of a previous post it was suggested that I might get the new version with hdmi ports and better fans, well no such luck.  This is now my fourth xbox 360 and two Christmas holidays curtailed,  I could be a drama queen and say ruined but it is only a console, but my son was not chuffed by a long shot, to him it was pretty dire.  Taking that into consideration it would be the least that they could do. 

Apparently not the least they could do is repair it, (new mother board, new dvd drive) and give me a months subscription to Xbox live gold.  Big Whoop!  I already have a gold subscription to live.

The design of the 360 is at fault, instead of fixing it and doing right by customers an endless stream of recycling repairs seems to be going on as its probably cheaper than issuing proper replacements with new MB layouts.

Xbox tech peeps feel free to complain about my harshness in the comments, then just remember I’m on my 4th, two work colleagues are on their 5th and 7th. 

So what can I do about it, well nowt it would appear as it is guaranteed to 2009, but what about after that ?  So far it would seem a repaired xbox has a single year lifespan before breaking down again. I have one more year of repairs and then I’m on my own. 

What am I going to do, well I’m still not sure, there are games on the xbox that my son loves, Kameo for one, well done Rare this is a corker and we revisit it over and over again.  This prevents me from just selling the thing on eBay.  So I’m stuck with it for a while a least.

However I decided that I can no longer invest in anything else for such an unreliable product.  In march my subscription to live will be cancelled.  I will not buy any more games for this console, if I do they will be second hand pre-owned games after a long enough period so that they are as cheap as possible.

Any one else having similar problems, consider doing the same, you may not wish to cancel your live subscription, but choose to buy second hand games from a reliable source (one that guarantees they work).

I gave serious thought to getting a PS3, but I can only get hold of a 40gb version which does not do backwards compatibility (xbox makes don’t feel smug about this your backwards compatibility sucks too), Europe was severely screwed by Sony in not delivering a unit with the emotion chip in it, but at least they are screwing the rest of the world now.  So until a version is released with backwards compatibility to PS1/PS2 with a larger storage capacity, 40gb come on, 1/2 gig drives are cheap as chips nowadays, I ain’t buying one.

I cancelled my OneCare account too, not just out of spite but cos I never really felt it worked.