This morning on radio 4 I heard more about the Conway case.  I don’t have a problem with him employing relatives, its the only sensible thing to do in situations like this.

I’m not really writing about him what has annoyed me more is the remarks made by Roger Gale MP.  Complaining about justice and being guilty until proven innocent.

Well for a start, Conway stood up in the House of Commons and apologised, sure sign of innocence there.

But mainly Gale seems to have no idea about so-called British Justice. 

Conway has not been arrested.  He has not been questioned by the Police (yet anyway), he has not been led away in handcuffs.  An investigating body discovered some possible impropriety and gave him a slap on the wrist.  Gale is ranting on about a witch-hunt and this poor sod being labeled guilty.

I’ve seen British Justice in action.  I saw my brother led off in handcuffs due to an untrue accusation which later came out and he was eventually released.  He was innocent yet led off in handcuffs by the police and treated pretty poorly, well like an absolute git is a better statement.  Where was justice for him? no wasting police time charges arose from this event.

I have a friend who committed white collar crime, yes he was guilty, yes he went to jail, he got what was coming to him some might say.  What he also go was almost a year  if not longer under virtual house arrest until his court case came up.  During this time he was not allowed to leave town except to go to and from work, he had to sleep at his own house every night, his bank accounts were frozen and all transactions had to be done in cash an allowance was paid from his wages in cash for him to do this, so no Direct Debit discounts for him.  None of this was taken into account during sentencing.  It might not sound much here, but it was one step above electronic tagging at home.  During this whole period he was innocent, he was only guilty when proven in court, yet treated to great British Justice.  Had he been proven innocent in court there is no compensation for being treated like he was. 

So Mr Gale.  Don’t harp on about innocent till proven guilty unless you know what the hell you are on about.  Conway has it easy at the moment, a lot of press coverage and a fine, perhaps 10 days away from the house of commons.  The amount of times I’ve seen an empty house of commons I doubt this is a big deal.  He can be conducting surgeries instead.



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