Well done to eBay.

They have got the feedback system correct. Well better for buyers anyway.

I recently purchased a product from a seller on ebay and the item arrived damaged and not from the location listed, I would not have purchased an item from china due to import taxes and delivery times etc, unless I really could not get it elsewhere for a similar price. 

But due to the fear of negative feedback I dared not give a bad review, considering I paid immediately by pay pal, how could I be a bad buyer ?  I admit I gave the seller no chance for reparation, as I was not getting into the whole sending back to china thing, too much hassle.  So I Neutral responded.  This was a lie.  I wanted to say Item damaged, seller not in UK, he’s a damn liar.  Lets face it its the only thing we can do if we choose to cos ebay do bugger all to help with liars when you report it. (based on my experience).

So now, we can give the seller the bad feedback they deserve when they lie and cheat and steal, as well as any legal reparations paypal may offer.

It’s evident in the feedback of my bad seller as people learn about it, the seller in question I dealt with now has more than double the amount of negative reviews in the last month and we are only half way through.  So as not to be totally biased about this chap here, he does have 98.4% rating, I’m just going to be interested to see how that changes when people learn about the policy.

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