Dan over at IsThereFood pointed out something I’d missed. 

I’d not been watching much TV of late, well the usual recorded bunch of American imported TV as the latest bunch of UK TV hasn’t left me exactly excited.  I waited with baited breath for Ashes To Ashes and I needn’t have bothered.

What I missed, Being Human, is undoubtedly the best thing I have seen on TV since Life on Mars, yes I know Doctor Who is good and Torchwood is watchable, just, but there hasn’t really been anything gripping and truly well written for what feels like such a long time. 

Finally something well written.  Something that sounds like its all going to be a bad farce, turns out to be the most enjoyable program in ages. I would go so far as to say was even better than LoM as it doesn’t have sad undertones that LoM did,  just creepy menacing ones.

I spoke to some friends who missed it too on broadcast, they thought it was going to be some dreadful documentary, you see titles are everything in the multi-channel world. I sent them to iPlayer.

The werewolf transformation was truly marvelous, real old school Werewolf in London style, not computer generated and all the better for it.  The vamps eyes occasionally, and for good effect, turn black.  Black eyes not normally part of the vampire legend as I recall, but considering it does help remind you that whilst the characters are trying to eek out a human existence they are definitely not human.

Top this off with a ghost in the house who can’t stop making tea like an old style northern housewife stuck in the house, doing it because the routine of it keeps her sane is icing on the cake.

The bad part.  This is a pilot not yet commissioned.  So please have a watch and bombard the BBC with letters begging for a series.  I know I will.

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