Well its was due for renewal so I cancelled my xbox live subscription as I said I would.

Firstly its not worth paying for a service I rarely use, most friends being games developers don’t actually play on the xbox they play PC games, as work provides them some uber box.

Secondly as I said before now I’m on my fourth dead xbox 360 I will not send good money after bad.  So no more money from me to MS.  If I want a game it’s the pre-owned market, this may have some effect on the newly purchased market but its minimal, I’m just not giving my money to a company that has blatantly screwed over its customers by not replaced the 360 with a newly designed working system and endlessly recycles MB’s doomed to failure, or so it would appear.


With the warranty period due to end this year can you really blame me ? 

I cancelled my OneCare renewal as well, due to high cost and this episode has tainted my dealing with Microsoft. 

With blu-ray the winner, the PS3 is looking mighty tempting, just sort out that emotion chip and slap a big drive in it and I’ll buy it tomorrow, oh and make it smaller and quieter and use less electricity and paint it white or silver and and build in that digital tv-tuner*2.

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