For those unaware, we had a little earthquake, 5.2.  Largest in the UK for 25 years.  So for those of us who are not used to these geological events it was bad enough.

Bad enough when you live an a house only 8 years old made of paper, or seemingly so, I certainly felt every bounce and wobble, if that’s what earthquakes do. Whilst in my house, the effect felt amplified by the banging of the mirror against the wall in time with the wobbles.  It lasted 10 seconds they say, I say it lasted a lot longer, as the mirror continued to bang as the lesser quake ripples continued for another 20 seconds or so.

I wasn’t sure if we were in for a second larger quake or what, not being used to quakes, it was only my third after all.  I wondered whether or not to wake the kids and go wait it out in the car, well it was dark and late I was tired and a little worried to say the least.

The last thing on my mind was to remember to pick up the external USB disk drive that holds my backups, or the pack of dvd’s holding an older set of backups.  No, leaving was on my mind.

Thinking back on this has made me realise that my sensitive personal data is not secure, no matter how much I kid myself that I have backups.  I don’t have earthquake, fire and flood proof off site backups of all my stuff.  I have not digitised all my video, I have not scanned all my paper photos and even if I had the lot would go up in flames.  I would have a lot of pictures from 2000 onwards (minus the last month) worth of photos stored on flickr, but that amount is only a fraction of my data.

It was time to put my hand in my pocket and pay for a service.  A remote, secure offsite backup service.  So I had read a few reviews and I have gone for

Mozy provides a client (in the guise of a windows service plus some config forms) that allow you to configure your backup set details and then schedule a regular backup of the changes.  I configured my files, I excluded my music BTW, and clicked Start Backup.  It has calculated that I have 23gb of data to backup, 23GB!! the backup is on its third day of running continuously and is up to 30% (my connection is only 2mb ADSL).

Once complete I will feel a little more secure in my data.  I can then start testing just how good mozy is, home compatible with Family Safety is it ?  If I log on as my kid will mozy fail ?

Then all I need to do is scan all the photos and digitise all the video, can’t wait, that’s going to be gripping stuff I can tell you.

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