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When the music costs nothing, why do freetards prefer to leech?

Nine Inch Nails has followed the Radiohead example and is giving the music away for free. Not all of it, but nine of the thirty six tracks from Trent Reznor’s instrumental LP Ghosts I-IV are available for free, with a PDF thrown in. The other 27, in higher quality bitrate or lossless format, cost just $5.


Despite this throat-cutting gesture, Reznor’s sprawling instrumental release is going gangbusters on the world’s torrent trackers. Pirate Bay has eight thousand concurrent downloads at time of writing, divided fairly evenly between the “free” release and a 320kbit/s bitrate version of the package

FFS!!!!  £2.50 for what is essentially four albums !  And its still being pirated.  I can have a tiny bit of sympathy when purchasing overpriced garbage you might find in a high street music shop, but considering that most albums cost around a tenner and that in the 1980’s they cost about a tenner music prices have dropped massively.

But when someone like Trent releases work like this in a lossless format for next to nowt it blows any arguments people have about stuff being too expensive out of the water.  You are just thieving b*******s.

I quite like NIN, or I like pretty hate machine and downward spiral at least so to show my support I’m going to buy it.  If you like NIN I suggest you do the same.  [I’ll let you know if its crap though.]

Thieving Sons of ……….

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