One of the things that’s being touted as an improvement to IE8 is the integration with the navigation of the browser in AJAX.  One example is your looking at a map and zoom in then you press the back button and it goes back to the previous page.  In IE 8 you can get it to go back to the previous zoom.

One of the great things about AJAX apps, one of the things I was asked for by customers was get rid of that damn back button.  The great thing about AJAX was the removal of the back button. 

So who asked for this ?  Honestly unless they ask for it its not something I would not implement as a default, I want people on the site and use the site navigation not the back button. 

The Keynote and Talk T04 of mix mentions this.  By the way the speaker of T04 a talk entitled, “Developing cutting Edge Web Applications with IE8”, was singularly the most boring so far.  If you entitle something cutting edge you better damn well have some enthusiasm about the topic

I’m listening to it right now ….ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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