A while ago we got an ecoKettle.  It’s won awards for energy savings awards, but is it any good ?

It’s really simple to use.  You don’t need instructions to figure it out just plug it in fill it up and go.

It’s larger than a normal kettle, as it has to store more water than a normal kettle, you can fill both reservoirs if you want before starting a boil cycle.  The idea being that you fill one side and release what you need into the other as and when you want a cuppa, ideally only boiling one or two cups at a time. Of course when you have visitors you can fill it up once and get two cycles out of it.  When really full this makes the eco kettle quite heavy, but time saving.  Filled as intended and the kettle feels off balance in your hand, it’s like the top volume of water is pressing the lever of the kettle split and trying to force it down at the wrist joint.  So stronger wrists might be needed, not a pressie for your gran, unless she’s strong of course.

Whilst the top part of the kettle feels solid the base is flimsy by comparison and would just not sit level on the table no matter how much tweaking with the cable underneath.  Also it doesn’t fit tight so I always felt a wobble when putting it in position.  I didn’t like this.

The latch lid needs to close properly, always ensure you shut it right and its clicked into place.  Whilst using it we never had a situation when the latch did not close properly but it was always in my mind that it might not. Cos if you don’t shut it right when you pour your hot cuppa all the top reservoir will come flooding out, and I mean flooding as the potential energy it has compared to the lower energy for the pouring angle is much higher.

For the same volume of water as my old kettle this boils a bit slower, not excessively its still a fast boil, just not as fast as I was used to.

Be careful when you pour the boiling water.  Now because you only boiled what you needed, or an estimate of what you needed when you pour the water into the cup there could be more water than you needed, but not a lot.  So when you put the kettle upright that near boiling water as its started to cool already hits the hot boiling element at the base of the kettle and reboils extremely vigorously.  This has the effect of spewing boiling water out of the pouring nozzle and spitting, I’ve been hit by boiling drips a few times from this, you have to remember to gently return it to an upright position.

All in all whilst a great idea we decided to part with our eco Kettle.  I always felt I was going to drop it, It didn’t sit right on the work-surface, it only comes in white and we have stainless kitchen, its heavier, slower, I felt it could be a little dangerous if not careful.  We donated it to staff at our local school with the pointers to look out for.

We put our old kettle back which fits snug, looks good, boils fast, is smaller and lighter.  We just don’t fill it up all the way when making a tea, isn’t that much easier ?


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