A little story popped up on the BBC news site today entitled, “Excuse me sir“.

It’s about the number of people being pulled up by the police for taking photo’s in public places.

I’d like to take this time to point out to any UK reader, you are entitled to take photos in public of pretty much anything.  Including other people.  There are no privacy laws applicable for public places.  You may find schools and enclosed kids playgrounds have rules about taking photos, so if your kid’s in a gymnastics competition you need express permission, but this is because its not public property.  However a footy match on public ground you can take photo’s of your kid, his kid her kid the referee and the team captains dog.

If an official challenges you and orders you to delete the photo’s inform them they have no right and only a court order can force you to do so. Also if you waste my time by dragging me to the station expect a law suit, so perhaps you better check over the radio first.

Here is a real handy guide written by a lawyer that worth printing out and sticking in your camera bag to shove in peoples faces when they get in your.


This won’t stop you getting a punch in the face from angry people, but you can at least feel smug and content in the knowledge that you’re in the right as you tend a bloody nose.