I’ve been running with Mozy now for quite a while.  I had big intentions of testing it logged in as various users and not logged in etc etc and seeing how it works in different scenarios.

Well I haven’t had time for any of that.  But then I have had no trouble with Mozy since installing it that would have made me make the effort.

It just sits there.  So long as I leave the machine on now and again it will back-up the changes.  I made some initial tests of downloading and comparing files and they were fine.

It works underneath Family Safety Software so no problems there. As I tend to stay logged in I can’t say I became worried about it working when logged off, and we tend to use the switch user capabilities, this can send it a bit funny but log every one out  and it sorts itself out again.  Which I tend to do as I don’t have enough memory in the lappy to leave lots of sessions running.

Whilst I have all the goodness of auto backups now it does effect how you do everything else.

Since Mozy my flickr updating has tailed off, my local backup has become non-existent and that whole grandfather-father-son stuff is important I am not sure that Mozy keeps historical stuff just.

Bad side. There has to be one.  My questions to Mozy support staff about my problems were slow in handling and then completely uniformed.  I don’t mind when someone says I don’t know, but I expect that to be followed by but we’ll fnd out, not why don’t you have a try.  After all It’s a paid for service.  Still I expect they have their hands full managing all that bandwidth and storage.

I can heartily recommend it, despite tiny niggles.


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