Cat went under the knife again, more teeth out.  She’s fine and apparently has kidney and liver function far in excess of a cat of her advanced years (16) and will most likely live a lot longer.

The cats are part of the family so despite no pet insurance I keep paying for the treatments.  I can’t “youth” my cats.

Now she’s home and getting better, I’m glad and fuss her endlessly.  However it makes me think why the hell did I get cats  in the first place.

I got the cats when I was 22(?23) just married, just moved into new house and a friend had a litter of 50,000 kittens and would I like two?  Liking cats I agreed with the then wife and we had two lovely moggy kittens.

They have had no illnesses or problems until now 15/16 years later so nothing to complain about. 

However owning cats though has altered my choices of work, house, holidays ever since.  When offered a role in Seattle and having it subsequently cancelled before the move (along with 1000 others) I never fought hard for the same role but via alternate route after finding out that the cats would now be indoor cats as having a cat flap is inviting death and having them eaten.  This played on my mind and I let it drift on by, other things influenced me more on this but cats influenced me quite a bit.

The house I live in now was chosen due to its position in the estate with cats in mind.

I avoid two week holidays because I don’t want to put them into catteries. 

When I had the cats I thought they might peg out at 12-15 which didn’t sound that long when your 22.  But here I am now nigh on 40 and faced with the great and bad possibility of another “n” years and some cats can go on to 30.  Thirty years !!! I’ll be gone 50 if that happens.  While they are healthy  and happy and active I don’t mind but Holly just sits all day all night doing nowt but eat and sleep, Kryten is out and about and having fun ( I suppose whatever counts as fun for a cat ).

So what am I saying. 

Well if your young and thinking of getting a pet, think long and hard about how this will effect your life and if your ready for it.  I might have chosen differently if I knew how much of an effect the cats would have on my circumstances, I love them to bits and would never part with them, but things may have been a little different had I decided on a goldfish.

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