imageI got a new camera, its a Canon EOS 400D (EOS Digital Rebel XTi).  So I’ve been having a play.  I’m no David Bailey by any means so I’ve been experimenting with it and things I do know something about.  Tech.

First Windows Live Gallery.  This is now my preferred photo management software.  I pull photos off cameras with this and let it organise the folders.  I use it for tagging my photos and viewing them quickly or using the search function and tags to locate specific photos I want to see or print.  I used to to Picasa2 but have now switched, Picasa2 was great and for bulk tagging fantastic, still better than gallery for that, but I only want one of these things on the machine so I dropped it.

Live Gallery has a great built in Flickr uploader that works far better than Flickr’s own, it even sends the tags up so no more lost tags.

So great, he’s telling us about a file manger, well yes but what’s great about this version is the built in Panoramic photo stitcher part.  The photo above was a series of snaps welded together in Live Gallery’s photo stitcher.  Now I’ve used them before and these results are far better than any I have used in the past so I can recommend having a go with this it makes some great photos.

So now you have you ultra massive photos how are you going to view them.  Well I tried some picture viewers on clients but due to the large sizes involved they tended to chug along a bit on my laptop.  Enter Silverlight and DeepZoom.  I mentioned before that live labs put up a demo of a site called PhotoZoom.  I have uploaded my Stitchers to this site and I can say that the results are great.

Take a look for yourself. 

And Lastly as I was taking loads of photos of this place I tried another technology that of PhotoSynth, this is interesting too, I love the panorama photo’s more but for those interested in how the same place would look in PhotoSynth go look at my Synths  here.

No more time to go into detail thought I’d let the results speak for themselves.