The U2U CAML Editor is great but it does mean you don’t take the time to learn CAML properly, eh-hum!

My queries were going very wrong and I couldn’t figure out why, so I pasted them into the CAML query tool and tested it and noticed it didn’t matter what time I set in my query it was ignored.  The CAML editor doesn’t have an option to include time values, so I could not tell what was needed to make it work.

I found this blog post

It basically tells you that you need to tell the Query to use the timevalues and not to ignore them, this particular part of the query needs that little bit extra

<Value Type=”DateTime” IncludeTimeValue=’TRUE’>2008-12-11T16:07:00</Value>

Go test it in the CAML creator tool and see for yourself!

Thanks ucsharp.

It would seem that CAML girl looks for posts on her great tool, (I would not presume that she reads my blog!), did I miss something ? if not can you tweak a new version to have an includetimevalue checkbox (it shows people its possible)

P.S. Whilst you at it can you add

a Recently opened sites bit too

Remember user creds (securley stored in isolated storage perhaps)

I should shut up really as you can’t complain about something so handy that’s so free.

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