Other than a chest infection, which was quite bad and making me very sick monday morning, enough to take a day sick and the last resort book a doctors appointment, I thought it’s not that bad, after all I have a job at the moment, I don’t spend what I don’t have (usually) so I’m not in huge credit card debt, I get paid early in the month too.  So not much to worry about at all.

Till I got out of bed.  I phoned work to let them know I was sick and also off to the quacks.  I booked the appointment at the doctors, and got a good slot 9.50am unheard of.  Apart from the retching cough things were looking up the prospect of being cured and getting back to normal.

Then the phone rings.  Childminder, can’t have little’un today our ceiling is leaking.  So that messes up the wife’s morning.  Still I can watch him while off sick, all I have to do is lie on the floor to be at his level and play with his toys with him shouldn’t be too taxing, at least I’m in the warm and getting better.

Get in car to go to doctors, turn key, "whheeeeeeeeeee", "Wheeeeeeee". Damn. Starter motor.

Come back from docs, biotics to cure, maybe, its amoxicillin which hardly ever works for me, and as it should start working feel free to go back to work, I like my job so not too bad, but what about the car ? I wonder. 

Get garage to come get car, should be about 190 quid mate.  I’ll phone you later.

One exhausting day saying, get down, don’t touch, chest feels better though, ring ring.

"Got some bad news mate", "You’re fly wheel is damaged and sent bits flying into starter motor, we can replace it but won’t warranty it and that’s 250 quid or we do it properly new clutch, new flywheel and new motor £960, but your rear sub frame bushes although need doing we can leave them for a bit longer" , "Ok then", "Oh and it won’t be done till wednesday".

So blue Monday got its revenge on me, big bill to come, no savings to pay it, credit card gonna take a hit. 

Tues. So I’m here at work after an hours drive in freezing weather with icy roads on my motorbike. My legs are still cold.  But the cough is getting better at least and I got some interesting Sharepoint work to do, and Ashleigh has figured out whats wrong with my media pc, so at least I can cancel "Sky" to help pay for the damn car.  Gotta look on the bright side I suppose.