Is it me ?  Have I missed something ? Are STP’s the best thing on the planet for quickly creating SharePoint sites ?

Or is it as I believe the biggest pain in the backside for SharePoint developers to pick up someone else’s SharePoint project to make changes to the site definition pages only to discover they were hacked together in the interface saved as an STP and included in your project.

This is now the case for me on two of my inherited projects, I hate them.  Now I know that if you create standard site templates with an onet etc, once created, there are elements of the definition that are now content and would have be be manipulated via the API to change them (or interface). But consider if you have a problem and are searching in a HUGE project for where your specific list might be or other such content, can you find in in Studio by searching ? No you can’t cos it’s all cabbed up in a file.

So my advice to anyone even considering using STP’s, think again are you doing it cos it’s quick and your a contractor soon to leave the company anyway so what the hell, or are you a developer who might have to make changes and maintain your project.  Seriously think twice, is this the best way to develop this solution, is there some advantage to an STP over a site def ? think before you start hacking away.

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