I am doing lots of work in Sharepoint that requires resource files in english and german.

With a variety of developers before me different styles of editing the foreign language files emerged.

I think that much better tool support for managing resx’s is required,  and I recently found one that is a great help to us with a vareity of resx’s in various states of translation and existence.


This resx tool allows you to pick a file and it displays the nuetral and foreign side by side along with comments and allows you to edit them all at once.  Corking piece of work, some polish would go amiss but Im hard pushed to say where as it does exactly what I need it to do and I can pass it to a non-techie developer.  It still down to me to edit the comments first to identify what needs translating and what definately needs leaving alone.

If you doing multi-language work go and check this tool out it might just help.