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Hi There,

My Name is Simon, I’ve been developing for far too long 😉 I work mainly in ASP.Net and lots and lots of SharePoint.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Simon, Hi. My name is Mark Willmer and I’m a SharePoint/.NET developer.
    I noticed your name on a forum/blog pertaining to the dataformwebpart and was wondering if you could help.
    Do you have any information for the provisioning of a dataformwebpart to a custom list form using the list schema / declaratively.
    Mark Willmer

  2. first stuff like this id place on sharepoint stack exchange you will likely get better answers.

    if u got a custome list you can define the custome pages in the schema cant remember where but that shoykd be easy to find.

    then a module copy of said page you create in project.

    cipy the guts of a normal one into that page.

    if u mocked it up first then export that part so u can copy the dwp/. webpart settings into the properties of the webpart in your page.

    have to leave you to google the particulars as i don’t remember exactly all the steps knowing theae bits though would be enough for me to find the schema def etc. if i had more time I’d blog more 🙂

    seriously try sp stacks though as people with more time on their hands can provide y more details.

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